We want to help

Simon Lawder working at home in self-isolation

Wells Coronavirus Network is receiving reports that some residents are in need of help but are not requesting it.

“We’re hearing that some Wells people, often those living alone and isolated, are becoming increasingly worried as the government’s lockdown stays in place,” said WCN’s Simon Lawder.  “Like so many of their generation, they seem too proud to ask us for help with simple things like food shopping. 

“When the emergency began they were told to self-isolate so they took the precaution of filling up their freezer and larder.  But now, three or four weeks later, their stocks are running low.

“So our message to all of them, is please, we are all in this together, you’ve helped others in the past, now it’s our turn.  There’s no shame in asking for help from our neighbours.  Give us a call on 01749 476079 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Saturday or email hello@helpwells.co.uk.”

Simon is a member of the Wells Coronavirus Network’s Volunteer Management team.