Team Beryl keep 98-year-old safe

Three Wells Coronavirus Network volunteers Viv, John and Hellen are helping The Lawrence Centre keep one of its oldest members safe during this lockdown. Beryl was 98 years old this month and is very independent. She’s finding the lockdown difficult because she no longer has the social contact she relies on during normal times. 

Each evening one of the Team Beryl volunteers is checking that Beryl’s flat is secure and she is safely in bed. Another member of the team, Sarah, is acting as back-up to make sure that someone is always available to make sure Beryl is safe.

Maggie Charlesworth, manager at The Lawrence Centre said: “It is a very difficult time for many of our members who live alone. Our staff and volunteers are doing all we can to support them and we are so grateful to these volunteers who are helping us keep Beryl safe.”