Lions Request for PC’s & Laptops

It might surprise you to know that we have Wells Junior school children that do not have access to their school work because they don’t have computers. Can you help please?

If you have a PC, Laptop, or Tablet for which you no longer have any use please donate it for our children to use.

Working jointly with the Wells Coronavirus Network, the secretary of City of Wells Lions, Ian Williams, says “we have contacted all Senior and Junior schools in Wells and discovered that Stoberry Park, St Cuthberts and the Tor School, attended by some Wells children need more computers. Working with local IT companies, Microbitz and Wellscope, the donated computers will be repurposed so that the children can access their School’s Learning Portal, do homework, participate in video conferences etc”.

You can call 0345 833 6736 and ask for Lions or email or call our joint partners in this project, Wells Coronavirus Network 01749 467079. We will organise collection. Please leave your name and contact details – email, telephone and address with postcode.

Please rest assured that any data that may be on your computer will be deleted. The magnetic hard drives will be wiped to US Department of Defence standards to ensure that any previous data cannot be recovered. Solid Stated Drives (SSD) are erased using the disk’s own internal secure erase command.