Local Villages

St Cuthbert Out Parish surrounds Wells and is divided into four wards – for details of who to contact in each ward please see below

Parish Council Facebook Page or website

CONTACT SHEET Update 25th September 2020


NORTH WARD (including Wookey Hole & Easton)

Wookey Hole Village Website

Wookey Hub Facebook Page

Wookey Hole Residents Forum: Secretary Sarah Mardle (672005) or Chair Julia Scarth (672754 )

Wookey Shop remains OPEN

Easton Village Community Facebook page

Easton food deliveries: Andy 672784

Easton Support Network: Cheryl 07503 073928 , Susie 870057 or Jane 07951 313917

Deliveries and Practical Help: SallyAnn 675410 (Wookey Hole) Jane 07583 072680 (Haybridge)

Parish Councillors

Cllr Paul Cannon… 674913 Cllr Martin Cooke…675115 Cllr Diana Newington…331119 Cllr Marcel Hayden…677738 Cllr Mark Lunnon…670023

EAST WARD (including The Horringtons & Maesbury)

South Horrington Facebook page

Email Amanda, Nick or David for help with shopping: EastHorrington@gmail.com

For support in West Horrington kevinrussell58@outlook.com

Deliveries and Practical Help: Samantha Wilkes 679454 Geoff 07850 709950 Terry Moran 670376 Tina Hodgett 671851

Parish Councillors

Cllr Ian Humphreys…675100 Cllr Jenny Baker…679225 Cllr Bruce Hunt…07546 382291 Cllr Pablo Foster…677443

SOUTH WARD (including Dinder & Dulcote)

Dinder Facebook page

Email Sarah to join the Dinder Forum dindervillage@gmail.com

Dulcote Facebook page

Phone helpline (Dinder & Dulcote residents only): 07519 797290 8am-8pm

Medical deliveries: Julie 672120 (Dinder) & Maria 673629 (Dulcote)

The George, Croscombe – Veg boxes, takeaways, shop: 342306

Parish Councillors

Cllr Tony Hathway..07872 362676 Cllr Gill Pettitt… 938104 Cllr Ed Danson…07790 027167

WEST WARD (including Coxley, Coxley Wick & Polsham)

Coxley Facebook Page

Wookey Hub can deliver supplies – phone 672784

Deliveries and Practical Help: James 07866 209378 Sam 07815 132120 Lindsay 07496 575121

Parish Councillors

Cllr Jane Walker…679530 Cllr Jenny Henderson…671006 Cllr Jim Reeves…671383 Cllr Ted Mallinson…07522 902044 Cllr Margaret Mitchell… 679533