WCN Business Beyond Covid

Survive, recover, refocus: Wells experts help Wells businesses, free of charge

The Covid-19 emergency has hit every business hard, in different ways and the fact is that many are still struggling to make sense of the ‘New Normal’. As society adjusts to working from home, the impact of social distancing, the surge in online buying, the collapse of certain markets and the emergence of new ones, job security and planning for the future have never been as tough as this.

“When business people need advice, their first port of call is usually their accountancy practice,” says Christopher Bond, the programme’s co-leader, “But some of the advice a business needs will require other skills: we have them all, available one-to-one or in workshops.” 

Our Local Professionals are Wells-based firms assembled to offer their experience and advice, free, to any local business in need of fresh ideas. They cover a wide range of services from traditional ones such as law and accounting to ones we are all learning about such as managing websites or using social media to promote e-commerce.

Whatever your situation and business need, we can introduce you to a Local Professional who can advise or guide you:  

Local Professionals List

Here are a just a few examples of what is on offer :

  • Grants and loans: a comprehensive signposting service to the complex world of business finance
  • Start-Up booster service : a business start-up pack explaining everything that you need to think about, plus a free explanatory meeting
  • Start-up workshop programme:  for everyone setting up on their own for the first time.
  • Digital & Social Media marketing : making your website work harder, WordPress, getting the best from Mailchimp
  • Bespoke advice : short and long-term strategy, public and press relations, lease negotiation

Please also note that, should you feel the need, we can arrange a confidential conversation with a highly experienced person who has been through professional ups and downs and who shares in the anxieties of business owners, without cost. His or her role will be to listen, and to help you explore your options, rather than to advise.

We are very much open to ideas for other business services, and to offers of help and time from both local businesses, active professionals and retired business and professionals. Email us or you can leave a message on the WCN helpline, 01749 467 079.  Someone will contact you very quickly. Or please go to our Facebook page for our latest updates.